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050 - Fiction

2 September 2021

We share our favorite or most impactful fiction books.

049 - Non-Fiction

30 August 2021

We share our favorite or most impactful non-fiction books.

048 - Do I have to work hard?

26 August 2021

Another episode talking about what is worth caring about.

047 - Happiness Comes Before Success

23 August 2021

When we put happiness on the other side of _______ achievement or thing or person we will never achieve it because there will always be another thing, person, or achievement to replace the blank space once we achieve the first one. Happiness is a choice and it's one that has to be made before success in order to avoid the endless loop I alluded to. In this episode we talking about choosing happiness and why it starts today.

046 - Dopamine Detox

19 August 2021

Dopamine is the chemical that your brain uses to make decisions about what to do next. Removing activities that spike dopamine levels, even for a single day, can be beneficial in ensuring you don't become addicted to the wrong things.

045 - I'm not your fucking poster boy.

16 August 2021

Today we talk about how we label ourselves and how people try to label us. It's natural. But it's important what we let stick and ultimately how we think about ourselves. How we think about ourselves is who we are.

044 - Activation Energy

22 July 2021

The hardest part is getting started. This is because of momentum - it's hard to change course once you're already moving. This happens to me every day. In this episode we go over the activation energy mental model, how it underpins lots of other productivity hacks, and our current morning routines.

043 - Loneliness

19 July 2021

Yo, it's Jake! I think it's easy to let certain feelings creep up on us especially when they're one's we're used to having under control. Lately, I've been feeling lonely. In this episode Will and I discuss how I got here, what I'm doing to navigate out of this situation and much more. The Crux: You're human. Things happen. But don't be a victim. Have a bias that skews toward action and worry about the details on the way! Thanks, and peaceeeeee ✌🏼

042 - Is Discipline Overrated?

15 July 2021

If you dislike doing something, it's not sustainable in the long run. As much as we praise discipline, a far more important skill is being able to enjoy things that are good for you and dislike things that are bad for you. If you can accomplish this, then you don't need discipline.

041 - Remembering To Be A Fan

12 July 2021

Jake here 👋🏼 On this episode we cover all aspects of being a fan. Here's why. On the pursuit of great heights it's easy to let competition get the best of you. What's counterintuitive about competition is that the best way to succeed is through kindness, gratitude, and a humble heart. Another aspect to fandom that's really great and why I've gone about giving a reminder to myself in this episode is the notion of inspiration. I think I went along for while now not really realizing how impactful inspiration the active seeking of inspiration out can be. Being a fan, truly appreciating others in my field allows me to find that inspiration and let it trickle down into my own work.

040 - Minimalism

8 July 2021

Modern minimalism is a mixed bag. There's lots of good, but like any ideology, can be taken too far. In this episode we discuss the impact minimalism has had on us, Will's high school video game habits, and Marie Kondo.

039 - You need more practice, not resources.

5 July 2021

Jake here 👋🏼 As creatives it's really easy to think we need _______ to achieve a desired result. It's easy to feel held back and creatively frustrated by our lack of resources. The truth is that the point at which more resources would actually help us is much further than we think. What we really need is more practice, not more resources. In this episode we talk about creative constraints, heuristics for making great things, making excuses and more. Don't be a victim and go make great shit!

038 - Thinking Like An Athlete

1 July 2021

Applying the same intense, single-minded focus we see in proffessional athletes to other pursuits.

037 - The Key to Unlocking Your Competitive Advantage

28 June 2021

Excel in the competitive landscape by doubling down on the things that make you uniquely you. Be yourself. No one does you better then you.

036 - Cell Phones

24 June 2021

The good and bad of cell phones.

035 - Gravestone Technique

21 June 2021

Another thought experiment/tool for how to figure out what you want to do with your life. This episode piggy-backs off of our last episode Vision in hopes to help you with figuring out yours.

034 - Vision

17 June 2021

Kyle Eschenroeder's framework for wanting the right things.

033 - First Things First

14 June 2021

Put the most important things first, execute, then enjoy your burden free mind.

032 - Habits

10 June 2021

A conversation about what makes good habits.

031 - Journaling and Why Everyone Should Do It

7 June 2021

A conversation about journalling and the impactful yet unforseen benefits of it.

030 - Fame

3 June 2021

The costs, benefits, and trappings of fame.

029 - How to break through creative up.

31 May 2021

Breaking out of creative slumps, not being ruled by inspiration as a creator, and sharpening your creative saw all solved by the simple means of showing up every day.

028 - Callousing

27 May 2021

Modern life sometimes makes us weak. Go get some callouses.

027 - Failure = Opportunity

24 May 2021

Every failure is an opportunity to learn. Don't be afraid to fail.

026 - Powerful Interfaces

20 May 2021

Seeking the interfaces to powerful thoughts.

025 - Confidence, Humility, and Self Belief

17 May 2021

Confidence, humility, and unwavering self belief to in order to achieve your goals. Also, how do others' opinions play a role in the pursuit of great heights?

024 - Leading Yourself

13 May 2021

Applying leadership lessons to relationships and personal development.

023 - Food is Fuel

10 May 2021

Just like sleep and exercise becoming intentional about your diet can fuel your creativity and health to be the best version of yourself.

022 - Financial Independance

6 May 2021

Be in charge of your financial life.

021 - Practicing Presence

3 May 2021

A quick how-to on how to take any moment in any setting and get the most out of it.

020 - Busy vs Productive

29 April 2021

Just because you're busy doesn't mean you're actually doing anything. Be generative.

019 - Know Your Why

26 April 2021

Exploring the idea of being intentional in everything we do

018 - 80,000 Hours

22 April 2021

Be intentional about how you spend your career.

017 - Birds of a Feather Flock Together

19 April 2021

You're the average of the 5 people around you - in every sense. Be intentional.

016 - The Truth About Success

15 April 2021

Succeeding is more than simply knowing what to do. It's actually doing it.

015 - Making Better Decisions - The Sunk Cost Fallacy

12 April 2021

Make decisions based on today, not yesterday.

014 - Perfect Days

8 April 2021

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

013 - Design Your Environment, Design Your Life

5 April 2021

Be intentional about your environment.

012 - Diminishing Returns

1 April 2021

Know when to stop.

011 - Sleep Is For The Consistent

29 March 2021

Bigger testicles, no dementia, and much more.

010 - Learn to Code

25 March 2021

Coding will make your life better.

009 - The Only Way Out Is In

22 March 2021

The power of self reflection.

008 - Contentment vs. Ambition

18 March 2021

How do you know when you have enough?

007 - The Eigth Wonder of the World

15 March 2021

Compound Interest.

006 - Bullet Journaling

11 March 2021

Bullet Journaling is a cool, non-digital method of tracking your life.

005 - The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

8 March 2021

Read a friggin book!

004 - Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

4 March 2021

Don't squander the one life you have: be intentional about the games you play.

003 - Chasing Excellence

1 March 2021

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. Be excellent not only in the important areas of your life, but all areas. Sharpen your sword each day, and it will be ready when you need it.

002 - Tool Traps

18 January 2021

It's easy to improve your tools but hard to improve your craft.

001 - Create with Intention

11 January 2021

Slowing down and creating in a fast-paced world - creation with Lindy in mind.